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ChoiceWyze is a web application that enables ongoing strategic planning and management through the process of business model optimisation

ChoiceWyze is available to you 24hrs a day. It is optimised for use on desktop and laptop devices.  It is not optimised for use on mobile devices.

Good business strategy is a set of coherent (focused and coordinated) choices the business makes that leads to coherent action in order to achieve sustained business success.

Business model framework.png

The aim of the business is to create and deliver value to customers on the one hand and capture value for the business on the other.  The business that does well on both sides of this value equation and is able to balance both sides is more likely to have sustained success.

How the business creates, delivers and captures value can be described by a business model framework.

By continually adapting or optimisation the building blocks of the business model (i.o.w. business model optimisation) for value you place and keep the business on the path of sustained success.

BM optimisation.png

ChoiceWyze provides a structured business model framework for the business to make relevant choices and take action to succeed.

Choicewyze provides the workflow tools to guide strategic thinking and enable business model optimisation.

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