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Why ChoiceWyze?

  • ChoiceWyze puts the power of strategic planning in your hands – without needing to have strategic planning experience

  • ChoiceWyze enables ongoing, adaptive strategic planning through the business model thinking approach

  • ChoiceWyze creates a knowledge asset that can be utilised to source opportunities and funding

  • ChoiceWyze educates the user on business fundamentals and develops the skills to plan effectively

  • ChoiceWyze empowers you to work on your business and not only in your business

  • ChoiceWyze provides a structure in which to think and communicate about the business

  • ChoiceWyze's business model framework reduces the complexity of the business

  • ChoiceWyze enables an objective evaluation of the business, leading to better informed and effective decision making

  • By improving your ability to make more effective decisions, ChoiceWyze improves the chances of sustained success of the business

  • ChoiceWyze improves the focus and coordination of the business

  • ChoiceWyze can be used as an effective stakeholder communication tool, facilitating discussions between the business and stakeholders, e.g. employees, partners etc.

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