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Effective Strategic Management Coaching Programme

Enabling sustainable business success through effective strategic management

The Effective Strategic Management Coaching Programme helps businesses who want to have sustainable business success by enabling the planning and ongoing execution of effective business strategy.

Did you know that a primary reason why businesses fail and struggle to thrive is a lack of effective strategic management of the business.

The problem you face is that your business is in a constant struggle to survive and you struggle to achieve the growth you want.

Which means that you are experiencing poor or stagnant revenue growth with little to no profit. You are putting in a lot of effort with long hours but not seeing the results you desire. You are constantly stressed.

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The Solution:
The Effective Strategic Management Coaching Programme

The programme  includes:

  • the development of a clear strategy to guide and direct your efforts so you achieve sustainable growth

  • the management of the business aligned to the strategy so you focus on what matters and the business is more effective

  • the effective execution of the strategy so you achieve your goals

  • the adaptation of the strategy to changing circumstances so you achieve success on a sustainable basis


The programme enables your business with a repeatable process that will drive its growth and sustainable success.


Strategic management success stats

  • 75% of successful companies have a formal and pre-established system to inform and manage their strategy. (Palladium)

  • 64% of successful companies build their budget based on their strategy, rather than on past behaviors. (Palladium)

  • Companies with written business plans grow 30% faster. (Journal of Management Studies)

  • 71% of fast-growing companies have strategic plans, business plans, or similar long-range planning tools in place. (Journal of Small Business Management)

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The Coaching Programme

The Effective Strategic Management Coaching Programme is a 10 session programme where I work with you, through a series of workshops, to enable effective strategic management of the business. Effective strategic management is a repeatable process that will place and keep the business on the path of sustainable success. The sessions/workshops are on average 3hrs in duration. Throughout the process you will be undertaking implementation activities. I also provide a range of resources to facilitate the enablement.


The strategic management process has four repeatable processes that are enabled.

  • Plan

  • Manage

  • Execute

  • Adapt

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