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At ChoiceWyze we believe that effective, ongoing and adaptive strategic planning and management is one of the keys to sustained business success

That’s why we developed ChoiceWyze - to enable entrepreneurs with this vital capability

ChoiceWyze is a web based strategic planning and management application 

  • Enables more effective decision making that improves business focus and coordination –resulting in saving on effort, time and money

  • Improves likelihood of business growth and profitability

  • Provides a structure to think and communicate effectively about the business

  • Business model optimisation workflow tools guide you through the strategy development process

  • Build up a knowledge asset to use to access opportunities

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6 reasons why you need an adaptive business strategy
  1. It results in more effective decision making; decisions are most impactful on the things that matter most

  2. It provides focus and coordination

  3. The business is more proactive in identifying and realising new opportunities

  4. An improved understanding of the risks associated with strategic choices and how to mitigate these

  5. The business is better able to respond to negative external shocks

  6. The strategy provides a structure that improves the ability to manage the increasing complexity of a growing business

Why having a good strategy is important
  • Benjamin Franklin, the famous inventor said: “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail” 

  • 4 out of 5 Small Medium Enterprises (SME's) fail within the first 3 years. If you are an entrepreneur, the odds are heavily stacked against you 

  • One of the main reasons for this sustainable success problem is a lack of strategic planning and management of the business 

  • Organisations that implement an adaptive strategy are more likely to be proactive, responsive and effective, leading to sustained business success

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Apply business model thinking
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Evaluate the business
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Undertake adaptive strategic planning through business model optimisation
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Focus through effective prioritisation
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* Your data is confidential and not accessible by third parties

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