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Why and how to create a compelling organisational vision

Creating a business vision is one of the most impactful things you can do for your business. Why? Because your vision is the guide and inspiration for the business.

But what is a business vision?

The vision provides a view of what the business wants to be and where it wants to go

The components of vision

  • Purpose

  • Values

  • Winning aspirations

Purpose and Values are the core ideology of the organisation and should ideally not change often.


  • Purpose says why the business exists; your reason for being (other than making money).

  • It is the business’s “why” - the answer to “what contribution to society are we making?”

  • Examples:

- Disney company: To make people happy

- Shoprite: Our purpose is to provide our customers access to affordable products wherever they are


  • The values define “Who you are”; “What you stand for”

  • Your values are very important to you.

  • Your values guide how people behave in the business and build the culture in the long run. A fit with the values of the business, or its culture should be one of the key determining factors in the recruitment process.

  • Performance appraisal should consider both performance and behaviour - behaviour should be assessed against the values of the business.

  • Business culture drives employee behaviour; employee behaviour that is aligned to the business’s values results in a better functionating business.

  • Your business should ideally have between 3 and 5 core values.

  • Examples:

- Disney company: no cynicism; attention to detail; creativity and imagination

- Shoprite: Doing the right thing, saving to share and developing local.

Winning aspirations

  • Winning aspirations is a picture of what the ideal future for the business looks like; what success for the business will look like in 3, 5 or 10 years time.

  • The aspirations are not certainties, and ideally should be large enough for there to be uncertainty about achieving it, but you must believe that you can achieve it.

  • Winning aspirations may include target financial results.

  • These may be associated with the the building blocks of your business model.

  • The aspirations may also be summarized in to a single, overarching statement.

  • Reflect your aspirations in the present tense

  • Link your aspirations to specific future dates.

  • Examples: It is 5 September 2025 and:

- We have a staff compliment of 100 people

- We have physical presence in each of the 9 provinces

- We have an annual turnover of more than R100m.

A vision that is compelling, bought in and communicated across the business will result in employees:

  • Satisfying the business purpose every day

  • Living the business values every day

  • Working towards achieving the winning aspirations every day

Need help crafting a compelling vision for your business? Contact us at or +27 87 0929 286

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